10 Ways You Can Use Your Free Smartphone to Improve Your Life

November 11, 2022

Free government smartphones offered by the Lifeline program are truly a lifeline to Americans in need. The Federal Communications Commission’s goal with Lifeline is for Americans to use these phones to improve their status in life. There are many ways in which this communication assistance program can help you.

In this article, we will go over 10 days in which you can use your free government smartphone to make improvements to your life. These uses for your free smartphone might not be the first thing that comes to your mind, but they are valuable uses of your free benefit.


10 Ways You Can Use Your Free Smartphone to Improve Your Life

The Lifeline program was created to promote equality in communication in the country. Here are the ways in which cell phone access can help make things more equal for those who are below the poverty line. You can access this program through service providers like SafeLink Wireless.

  1. Applying for Jobs

These days job applications almost require a phone number on the application itself. Without a way to contact you, jobs will likely pass over you if they cannot call you to schedule an interview. In addition, places of business might have questions for you about your application that a phone call can help.

  1. Interviewing for Jobs

Even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, telephonic interviews became established to save time for job interviews. Without a cell phone, these interviews could be difficult for lower income individuals to navigate. Now, cell phone interviews are increasingly common and could cause people who don’t have them to miss out on jobs.

  1. Communicating with Schools/Teachers

Accessing information relevant to one’s children is crucial. Teachers and school administrators typically phone home when there are concerns about a student. Without a phone number for emergencies, parents would be otherwise unknowing of what was happening at their child’s school.

  1. Emergency Calls

This item should be self-explanatory. With the departure of landlines and the absence of a cell phone, emergency calls would be difficult to make without a SafeLink Wireless smartphone through Lifeline.

  1. Connection with Loved Ones

Speaking to your loved ones should not be a luxury. Family and cultural connections are important in American society. With a free government smartphone, accessing your loved ones is just a couple of taps away.

  1. Accessing the Internet on the Go

Some of the smartphones offered through the Lifeline program are enabled with data capabilities. In this way, your free government smartphone can help you to access the internet as another form of communication that is essential.

  1. Getting Directions

The days of MapQuest are over, and printing maps can be equally inaccessible. A free government smartphone enabled with a data plan, like through SafeLink Wireless, can help people to navigate through the maps apps on their phone.

  1. Building Connections

Having a smartphone to collect phone numbers on is another way of interacting in society that you can participate in with a free government smartphone. Avoid missed connections with access to a mobile phone.

  1. Accessing News Sources

Our freedom of the press is an important right in our country. Without the ability to access the news, people living below the poverty line can have trouble staying up to date on important events. These news stories can include important voting information, weather alerts, and traffic alerts.

  1. Video Conferencing/Telemedicine

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth and telemedicine appointments have grown increasingly popular. Free government cell phones can also help patients to access their doctors without having to wait for in-person appointments. They can also avoid paying for transportation this way.

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