3 Best Benefits for Homeless Americans

February 11, 2023

The homeless community often struggles with more than just finding housing. Low-income individuals, especially those who fall far below the poverty line, need assistance with meals, communication, and transportation. Healthcare, work, and other resources are also often inaccessible without a cell phone, which leaves homeless Americans without access to important needs.

In this article, we will discuss the three best benefits for homeless Americans to take advantage of. Each of these resources on the list will help homeless individuals to access assistance and resources and fulfill their needs. Let’s discuss these helpful benefits!

3 Best Benefits for Homeless Americans

1.   Use Free Entertainment

While this benefit is not specific to the homeless community, using free and reduced-price community benefits can be extremely helpful to homeless Americans. Getting down when going through a difficult time is one of the most difficult aspects of being in a position like homelessness. Additionally, filling your time with something that is mentally stimulating is a great way to keep your head up when times are tough.

Free resources such as library books, free classes, and reduced-price movies at the movie theatre can help to break up some of the stress that comes with the uncertainty of homelessness. Museums, aquariums, and even zoos often host reduced or free-price days for members of the community. These activities can help to improve your mental state while going through hardship.

2.   Staying Connected with Others

Another great benefit for low-income Americans that benefits homeless Americans is the Lifeline benefit from the Federal Communications Commission. By using the Lifeline benefit, homeless Americans can have access to a cell phone despite not necessarily having the money to pay for one. A phone is crucial for the homeless in order to help with access to jobs, places for rent, and critical medical appointments.

Signing up for the Lifeline program can even help with obtaining a phone. The Lifeline program is offered through cell phone providers, and certain providers offer additional benefits. Safelink Wireless, for example, offers a free smartphone with signing up for the Lifeline program through them. This benefit can be the recipe for success for many homeless Americans to help obtain employment and a place to live.

3.   Social Security Income Benefits

Those that are homeless are struggling with income, which is best addressed by obtaining employment or obtaining assistance. For those who are experiencing homelessness, applications for Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplement Security Income are available. You can apply in person at a local Social Security office or online at www.socialsecutiy.gov. These benefits are extraordinarily helpful to homeless individuals in obtaining the financial help they need to find housing.

Perhaps the best part about receiving SSI or SSDI is that admission to this program often offers automatic admission to other helpful programs like Section 8 housing, food stamps, Affordable Connectivity Program, and more.


These benefits and more are available for you to take advantage of to help you stay connected, improve your mental state, and receive financial assistance to move toward bettering your status. If you are interested in applying for the Lifeline program, you can do so through Safelink Wireless here.

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