4 Impressive Discounts for Food Stamps Users

February 11, 2023

Those on food stamps already fall into the category of low-income. While this designation means that you are likely to struggle with your budget, it can also mean that you are automatically eligible for additional discounts. These added benefits are helpful for food stamps users and families who are hoping to one day no longer fit into the designation of low-income.

In this article, we will discuss four discounts that food stamps users are eligible for based on their income level and SNAP eligibility. These discounts are fantastic and can be helpful for those who need more room in their budgets.

4 Impressive Discounts for Food Stamps Users

1.    Lifeline Program

Are you spending too much money on your phone bill every month? Or maybe you can’t even make enough room in your budget for a phone bill at the moment. For Americans who are struggling with their phone bills, the government has established a helpful program to receive assistance toward their monthly phone bill. Additionally, service providers can help with additional discounts and even free smartphones like Safelink Wireless.

2.    Free or Low-Cost Family Activities

Trying to give your children the same experiences as others, regardless of income, can be difficult, but did you know that SNAP recipients are often eligible for big discounts at family activities? It’s true! Most zoos, aquariums, and museums allow free or reduced-price admission for food stamps users to help even the playing field. Avoid paying full price for these educational, family fun opportunities.

3.    Amazon Discounts (Free Grocery Delivery)

SNAP beneficiaries are eligible for discounted Amazon Prime, which is very helpful for those who live in areas where travel can be expensive or challenging. To help with travel costs, time constraints, and other issues for low-income individuals. Additionally, Amazon offers free Amazon Fresh grocery delivery. You can fully take advantage of Amazon Fresh this way and avoid costly trips to the grocery store. Certain brands also offer 15% discounts on products for EBT card users, which helps your EBT benefits go further.

4.    National School Lunch Program

Additionally, you can stop spending money packing lunches for your children. Through the National School Lunch Program, families are automatically eligible to receive free school lunches if they are already on food stamps. This benefit is helpful in securing free meals for your children while they are away at school. Gone are the days of working about what your children will eat for lunch or quickly packing a sack lunch in the morning when you take advantage of this benefit!


As you can see, there are many benefits available to those who are on SNAP. All four of these benefits are available to you automatically due to your eligibility for SNAP. The best part? There are more benefits out there!

Arguably the most helpful discount on this list is the Lifeline program for reduced-price cell service. Communication is a key need for all Americans. If you are interested in the Lifeline program through Safelink Wireless, click here for more information.

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