A Comprehensive List of Benefits for American Veterans

January 17, 2023

Our hardworking veterans are some of the most well-respected citizens in America. Because of their service to our country, the American government has established several benefits programs that are specifically tailored to our veterans. However, with so many programs available and offerings differing from state to state, some key benefits can go unused by veterans.

This article will discuss some of the major benefits that are available for veterans in the U.S., including some that often go underutilized.

A Comprehensive List of Benefits for American Veterans

American veterans are entitled to benefits through the VA, also known as Veterans Affairs. In addition, other federally funded social programs also carve out space for veterans to receive additional benefits to help them after they have served in the military.

Pension Benefits

For wartime veterans who meet the VA’s requirements, you might be eligible for a Veteran’s Pension. The eligibility requirements for this benefit can be a little confusing. Still, the bare minimum requirements are that you did not receive a dishonorable discharge and you are considered low-income, according to a calculation made by Congress. For more information on eligibility for Veteran’s Pensions, see here.

Education Benefits

The education benefits that are provided to veterans are some of the best education benefits available to Americans. Through the GI Bill, former active duty military members can be eligible for VA education benefits. To receive these benefits, you must have served on active duty for at least 90 days after September 10, 2001. In addition, you might also be eligible for help with school tuition, fees, and certificates through other VA programs. For more information on education benefits, click here.

Home Loan Benefits

Veterans can also be eligible for VA home loans which are special private loans that are offered to those who have served. While this benefit isn’t directly offered by the government, it can be of great assistance for veterans who are trying to build generational wealth by purchasing a property. Also, this is one of the benefits that is often overlooked by veterans when looking at veteran benefits. Need more information? Click here for the government’s page regarding VA home loans!

Communications Benefits

One of the programs that many veterans miss out on is the Lifeline communication assistance program. This benefit was developed to help low-income Americans and veterans communicate with their loved ones and emergency services. Safelink Wireless gives Americans access to their Lifeline benefits, allowing Americans to see if they are eligible for a free smartphone in addition to a reduced phone bill. To get started with receiving this benefit, click here! If you are eligible you can get Medicaid Cell Phone Illinois.


We hope that you have learned some more about the benefits that you may be entitled to as a veteran. So many benefits go underutilized by the populations that they were created for. Veterans, get started on accessing the benefits that you worked so hard on!

For more assistance with Lifeline, don’t hesitate to reach out for more information! We would love to help you receive your benefit through Safelink Wireless and take advantage of this priceless benefit.

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