A Guide to Applying for SNAP Benefits in Kentucky

December 14, 2022

If you haven’t applied for a government assistance benefit before, the qualifying factors, provisions, and rules for applying for government assistance can be pretty confusing. In fact, the rules for applying for SNAP benefits are different from state to state.

In this article, we will go over how to apply for SNAP benefits in Kentucky, including the requirements of SNAP benefits in Kentucky.

How to Apply for SNAP Benefits in the State of Kentucky

Step One: Make Sure You Are Eligible

Four major requirements exist to be eligible for SNAP benefits in the State of Kentucky. These eligibility requirements hinge on citizenship, work registration, income, and household resources.

The citizenship requirements dictate that only United States citizens and immigrants can receive food benefits via SNAP. Second, the work registration requirement dictates that household members that are on SNAP benefits must register for work registration between the ages 18 to 59 years old.

Income and resource requirements also impact your eligibility for SNAP, because the program is meant for low-income people. The larger the household, the more significant the amount of income that your family will be allowed to have while maintaining eligibility.

One of the ways that you can ensure that you qualify for Kentucky SNAP benefits is to use a Prescreening Tool.

Step Two: Sign Up to Submit Your Application

You can sign up online to submit your application through the online portal available through Kentucky SNAP.  You can start your SNAP Application through the Kentucky SNAP Gateway. Alternatively, you may apply for SNAP benefits over the phone with a Kentucky SNAP caseworker at 1 (855) 306-8959.

Printed applications from the website can be mailed, faxed, or delivered to a DCBS office. A third way to apply for SNAP is to go to a DCBS office in person and fill out an application with a caseworker face to face.

Finally, you must complete an interview to complete your application. This interview is for the purpose of confirming the information in your application.

Step Three: Wait to Receive Your Application Results

There are special circumstances where you can receive SNAP benefits sooner than expected. These are under significant circumstances, such as when your mortgage/rent costs are higher than your gross monthly income, your gross monthly income is less than $150, or your household members are seasonal farm workers.

Otherwise, you must wait for your application to be approved after it has been received. This should only take roughly 30 days after your application is submitted. You can have a hearing to discuss this decision if you have been denied.


In conclusion, taking the steps to apply for SNAP benefits is well worth it. Knowing that you and your family have food security makes all the difference physically and mentally. We encourage you to seek out all government assistance programs that can benefit you and your family, including the Lifeline program through Safelink Wireless.

The Lifeline program can help you save money on your monthly phone bill, and you are eligible for the program if you are eligible for SNAP in most states. Learn more about Lifeline and Safelink Wireless here. Learn more on how to get Free Government Smartphones Kentucky.

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