A List of Under Appreciated Government Programs for Low-Income Families

December 14, 2022

There are some government programs that we hear about on a nearly daily basis, so we’re familiar with them. However, there are others that you may not have heard of before. Food stamps and Medicaid are common government programs for low-income families that get a lot of attention in the headlines. But what about the others?

This article will serve as a short guide for government assistance programs that are geared toward low-income families. We will cover the programs that are helpful to families but are talked about less than others. Let’s get right into it!

A List of Underappreciated Government Programs for Low-Income Families

Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (W.I.C)

W.I.C. is something that you might have heard of, but you are likely unfamiliar with how comprehensive this benefit can be. W.I.C. is a way to get fresh food into the hands of low-income women and their young children. This program can also help breastfeeding mothers avoid the high costs of baby formula.

These benefits cannot be understated for ensuring that young children and women are receiving balanced meals and fresh fruit, vegetables, and dairy products through W.I.C.

Lifeline Program

The Lifeline program is intended to help even the playing field when it comes to communication in America. Through this federal program, cellphone service providers are able to provide discounted rates and free smartphones to eligible recipients.

Some service providers, like TracFone Wireless, have established their own special programs for Lifeline. TracFone’s Lifeline service is known as Safelink Wireless which offers prepaid reduced-cost phone plans with no contracts to families who qualify. You can even carry over your existing cell phone to a Lifeline plan and start saving immediately!

Head Start

Head Start is another program that gets forgotten, but its impacts can help so many families to aid their children in getting ahead with their education and sorting our childcare. These programs are free or reduced cost and focus on early childhood education for those that are 0-5. Head Start can help families lower the cost of childcare while giving their children a “head start” on their public school education!

The average American spends over $10,000 per year on childcare, according to CNBC, making Head Start an extremely beneficial government assistance program for low-income families with young kids. This program is a colossal money saver when you factor in families with multiple children.


In conclusion, there are many options for you and your family to choose from if you find yourself eligible for government assistance programs. These programs are the major ones, and there might be specific programs that can benefit you in your area. We recommend searching for assistance programs for your city or town to find additional programs that may be relevant to you and your family.

If you are interested in taking advantage of the Lifeline program, you can find more information about this fantastic benefit through Safelink Wireless! Learn more on how to get Free Government Cell Phones New York.

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