Are the Phones Covered Through Lifeline Monitored?

December 14, 2022

There are many reasons why you might choose to be skeptical of a good thing. It’s human nature to act in our own self-interest and protect ourselves. Because of this, there seems to be some misinformation surrounding the Lifeline program and its free government phones.

In this article, we hope to clear up some common misconceptions and discuss whether the phones that are covered through the Lifeline communication assistance program are monitored by the government. We’ll discuss why this isn’t true and how Lifeline is a benefit that is to be trusted and taken advantage of by low-income Americans.

Are the Phones Covered Through Lifeline Monitored?

The Lifeline Program is Fulfilled Through Phone Carriers

The government itself does not provide Lifeline benefits directly to those who are eligible to receive them. Instead, the federal program uses phone carriers to offer discounted rates which are the companies are then paid for by the government.

This is why TracFone Wireless offers Safelink Wireless which is their specific service for eligible households. The phones provided through the Safelink Wireless program are the same as those through TracFone’s general service, but the program is different to better serve these eligible families!

Through Safelink Wireless, cell phones are offered with no contracts and no phone bills. Instead, the eligible person is able to access a phone, speak to their loved ones, and contact emergency services if they need to without worrying about how they are going to afford it.

Lifeline Phones Aren’t Necessarily From a Government Phone Program

Did you know that you can make your current cellphone a Lifeline phone? With Safelink Wireless, you can get out of your current burdensome phone plan and switch to their Lifeline service as long as you are eligible to make the change. This all but confirms that Lifeline phones are not specifically monitored by the government because you still get to keep your original smartphone and hardware.

This program through Safelink Wireless even allows you to keep your old phone number while moving from your current phone provider to their service, ensuring that people can continue to get in contact with you.

What Monitoring Is There, If Any?

The only thing that the government pays attention to regarding the Lifeline communication assistance program is your eligibility for the program. You must report your income in order to continue to receive reduced rates on your cellphone bill through this government assistance program.


In conclusion, there is no level of monitoring that occurs in terms of the actual Lifeline phone itself. These phones are not controlled by the government and do not come from the government. Instead, government assistance phones come directly from phone providers or from your own cellphone that you can move over to a Lifeline plan.

We encourage you to take advantage of this benefit without the fear of intervention from surveillance, as this program is simply intended to help low-income Americans communicate with each other and access emergency services. For more information about Safelink Wireless, click here! Learn more on how to get Free Government Smartphones New York.

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