Helpful Ways for Seniors to Lower Spending

The aging community often suffers from the restriction of a lower, fixed income. This means that seniors on a budget need to find inventive ways to lower their spending in ...

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4 Impressive Discounts for Food Stamps Users

Those on food stamps already fall into the category of low-income. While this designation means that you are likely to struggle with your budget, it can also mean that you ...

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Lifeline vs. ACP? Which Benefit is Better

There are two incredibly helpful communications programs that are available to low-income Americans. These communications programs have the goal of improving communication ...

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3 Exciting Ways for a Debt-free 2023

Struggling with debt is a daily hardship. Not knowing how you are going to pay back the money that you owe is stressful. This stress impacts your budget, too, and you have ...

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Step-By-Step Process of Applying for a Free Smartphone

Did you know that you can get a free smartphone through an underutilized government program? It’s true! The Lifeline program is geared toward providing easier access to com...

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