A Guide to Applying for SNAP Benefits in Kentucky

Can You Get a Smartphone Free from the Government

The cost of having a phone has risen steadily throughout the years, but so has the necessity of having one. People need working phones for just about everything now, confir...

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What is the Best Government Program?

There are many government programs available to American citizens. They range from helping people have access to food to having access to the internet. These programs typic...

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Ways to Get a New Job with No Phone

In the 21st century, getting a job has never been more difficult. People used to find jobs through clearly posted newspaper advertisements or signs on the street. These app...

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Navigating the Scary Cost of Living Rise in 2023

The prices at the grocery store are lunging skyward, and so are the prices of just about everything else. 2023 is seeing price hikes everywhere. From rent to used cars and ...

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3 Best Benefits for Homeless Americans

The homeless community often struggles with more than just finding housing. Low-income individuals, especially those who fall far below the poverty line, need assistance wi...

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