Did You Know That You Can Purchase from Amazon with SNAP?

December 14, 2022

With the stigma that surrounds SNAP benefits, there is a general lack of education that surrounds these crucial benefits that help Americans access food across the country. This means that even for those who have SNAP benefits, there are often opportunities that are lost out on.

In this article, we will cover one of the unique ways that you can use your SNAP benefits during online shopping. It’s true! You can purchase eligible items from Amazon with your SNAP benefits. Let’s get right into it.

Did You Know That You Can Purchase from Amazon with SNAP?

What Can You Buy on Amazon?

The eligibility requirements for purchasing through Amazon are very similar to those of a typical grocery store, but they come with the convenience of ordering online. This means that you can pay for SNAP-eligible grocery items such as pantry staples, non-perishable food, and some household items.

Amazon now owns Whole Foods which means that they have since added many Whole Foods products to the Amazon Storefront. If you have difficulty accessing these organic or specialty food products, purchasing these products through Amazon might be a better option for you and your family.

What Should You Buy On Amazon with SNAP?

We highly recommend purchasing bulk, shelf-stable items through Amazon because you can get great deals. For those that do not have access to Costco or Sam’s Club memberships, it can be difficult to find good bulk deals for rice, pasta, beans, and canned foods in your typical grocery stores.

You might also find the prices on Amazon for these shelf-stable products to be cheaper than your grocery store, even though they may not be in bulk sizing. Comparing Amazon prices to your local store prices can help you to make the most of your SNAP benefits.

From time to time, Amazon also offers 50% off grocery purchases through their grocery delivery service, AmazonFresh, for SNAP members. However, not all areas of the country have AmazonFresh available or accessible to them.

Is There A Catch?

The only thing that you need to be careful about when purchasing SNAP foods through an online platform is that you could run into trouble with shipping. SNAP funds cannot be used for shipping fees, so these fees would have to come out of your own pocket if you do not have Amazon Prime.

However, you can access reduced prices on Amazon Prime if you qualify for SNAP. This can greatly ease the burden of shipping costs, especially if you want to use Amazon for other bulk or low-cost purchases for you and your family.


In conclusion, buying some of your SNAP budget through Amazon can be an incredible tactic to stretch those SNAP dollars by purchasing affordable food in bulk. We hope that you learned more about using Amazon to purchase SNAP-eligible items.

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