Here is How to Get Rid of 1 Expensive Bill During a Recession

November 11, 2022

Bills are an unfortunate reality of daily life. Without fail, the next month comes around and more and more money comes out of your pockets. In times of financial strain, like a recession, these monthly bills can be stressful.

But did you know that there are certain bills that you can eliminate or reduce the price of with the help of government assistance programs? In this article, we will go over this key money-saving tip and how you can access it.

Which Bill Can You Remove During Financial Difficulty?

The Lifeline program is an under-appreciated government program that provides communication assistance. It was created as a low income cell phone service and is known by the nicknames “Obama phones” and “Medicaid cell phones”. In coordination with cell phone providers, Lifeline allows Americans living below the poverty line to have access to free phones and receive discounted phone bills.

This program can be a lifesaver to those who might otherwise have cell service cut off during times of hardship or recession. Let’s discuss the specifics of the Lifeline program and which service providers can help you access a free government smartphone as part of your benefit.

How Can You Access This Program?

In order to take advantage of the Lifeline program, you must meet its eligibility requirements. This specific eligibility can require from state to state, but if you already receive SNAP, Medicaid, or other federal government assistance there is a high likelihood you qualify. For more information on eligibility, click here.

Once you apply and receive authorization as part of the Lifeline program, it is time to pick a cell phone service provider to use. The SafeLink program, run through TracFone Wireless, is a prepaid plan that includes a free smartphone through its Lifeline collaboration. If you do not have a phone, signing up with SafeLink is as easy as being eligible for the Lifeline program.

What Does the SafeLink Program Do For You?

You may be wondering, what if I already have a phone? Well, SafeLink has the ability to help you switch off of your expensive smartphone and cell service bills and over to their government assistance Lifeline plans.

This plan is known as the Keep Your Own Smartphone plan which allows clients to keep their phone number and phone while moving over to SafeLink and receiving the Lifeline phone bill discounts.

This option, as well as the general Lifeline plan through SafeLink are designed to keep cell phones low cost and simple for their clients. SafeLink continues the mission of the Lifeline program by providing easy access communication to their customers.


In conclusion, the Lifeline program through SafeLink can be a great way to alleviate the pressures of an expensive phone bill. These bills can add up, so if you get just one off your plate you can find that you have improved financial flexibility.

If the Lifeline free smartphone program with SafeLink interests you, you can apply for Lifeline and receive SafeLink Wireless benefit. For more information about SafeLink, learn more here.

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