How to Maintain Food Stamps Benefits while Job Hunting

January 17, 2023

Qualifying for food stamps can be one of the most valuable benefits for Americans, but they can, unfortunately, go over the qualification levels by obtaining wages over the desired amounts. Most food stamps programs require job applications and an attempt to get work, which can make losing your benefits unfortunately easy.

However, we understand that making a couple of hundred dollars over the minimum income requirements only provides a little flexibility in your grocery budget. This article will cover some of the jobs you can do while still qualifying for food stamps and other key benefits.

How to Maintain Food Stamps Benefits while Job Hunting


Finding a low-income job will help to add flexibility to your budget. Lower-earning jobs should be the ones on your radar when sending out job applications to meet these requirements. Some examples of professions that earn lower wages are food service, laundry services, factory workers, and cashiers.

The financial maximums you will need to pay attention to vary from state to state, so be sure to check your state’s maximum income requirement to maintain eligibility for SNAP benefits. The bonus of getting a job is that you can fulfill the employment requirement to stay on food stamps so long as you do not exceed the income guidelines.

Ideas for Jobs While on SNAP Benefits

Remember those lower-wage-earning professions we mentioned earlier? These jobs are the key to receiving food stamp benefits while working. Most of these jobs are performed in the service industry, meaning you will need people skills to complete them.

Restaurant jobs are typically minimum wage earning jobs that can be extremely rewarding if you like to talk to people while they work. Additionally, working in a rideshare or food delivery service is an excellent job for people who want to drive. Taxi cabs, limousine driving, and bus driving are also excellent choices. 

For those looking for a career they can one day expand on, entry-level or apprentice jobs are great. Construction jobs, such as those in house building, landscaping, labor, electricity, and even plumbing, are wonderful options.

Remember to Report Changes Regarding Income

Do not underreport or misreport your earnings while you are on food stamps. If you do not report your new job, a raise you have received, or other income, you risk losing your benefits and facing fraud charges. Once you obtain a job while on SNAP benefits, you must report this change in income as soon as possible.


To conclude, balancing finding a job and keeping the food benefits you rely on can be nerve-wracking. Your new job should help with some of your budget struggles while preserving your SNAP benefits. Did you know that while you are on SNAP, you can qualify for other benefits as well? Those that qualify for food stamps benefits are typically qualified for other government assistance programs, including the Lifeline program. You can receive a free smartphone and assistance with your phone bill through Lifeline. To take advantage of this benefit, you can apply through Lifeline and receive your benefit through Safelink Wireless today. Learn more on how to get Free Government Smartphones.

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