Playing Sports on a Budget: Tips for Low-Income Families

January 17, 2023

The experience of low-income households greatly differs from the experience of middle to high-income families. However, there are several ways in which low-income families can access resources that attempt to even the playing field. When it comes to sports equipment, money can be a huge barrier to participation for low-income families.

This article will discuss some of the ways that low-income families can have access to sports equipment, including some ingenious ways to add wiggle room into your family’s budget for sports equipment.

Playing Sports on a Budget: Tips for Low-Income Families

Youth sports are expensive, but many people consider them to be necessary for development. Let’s dive into the ways that you can make sports more accessible for your family.

1.    Choose Cheap Sports

There are some sports that are well-known for their high costs. Differences in cost from sport to sport can be caused by high amounts of equipment, the need to pay for practice space, and even the cost of sports uniforms or travel. Some notorious “expensive” sports include hockey, skiing, gymnastics, and tennis.

By avoiding these sports, you can avoid costly registration fees, spendy equipment, and high travel costs associated with them. On the other hand, choosing cheaper sports will lower the price of equipment and additional costs. Some of the cheapest sports include flag football, basketball, soccer, and volleyball due to practically zero equipment cost!

2.    Reduce Unnecessary Bills

One of the best ways that you can create more room in your budget for sports is by reducing unnecessary bills. There are some government programs that can completely eliminate some of the most common and costly bills for American households. If you haven’t heard of the Lifeline program, you might be missing out on a free smartphone and reduced phone bill offered by Safelink Wireless.

By ridding your budget of unnecessary bills, you might be able to set more money aside to save up for sports equipment, rentals, and registration fees in the future.

3.    Look for Sports Scholarships

Some sports organizations will offer scholarships for low-income families which include reduced enrollment fees. In addition, some coaches may offer for your family to borrow sports equipment if there are extras laying around. If you aren’t finding luck with the sports organization that you are interested in, your area may have scholarships available for children within a specific area to play sports. These fundraisers or scholarships can be great resources for low-income families who are interested in sports.


We hope that this article was helpful in providing some ways that you can still provide access to sports in your household without breaking the bank. Creating access for low-income families to have the same luxuries as middle and high-income families is important, and so is allowing children to have the same experiences as one another. If you are interested in Safelink Wireless and the Lifeline program, please don’t hesitate to take advantage of this benefit. Through Safelink Wireless, you can potentially access a free new smartphone and reduced cellphone bill costs that will provide extra room in your budget. Learn more on how to get Low Income Cell Phone Service.

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