Step-By-Step Process of Applying for a Free Smartphone

January 23, 2023

Did you know that you can get a free smartphone through an underutilized government program? It’s true! The Lifeline program is geared toward providing easier access to communication for American citizens who meet the requirements. Through this program, you can find discounts on your phone bill, but some providers of this program go above and beyond for their clients.

The program is completed in partnership with cellphone service providers, such as TracFone, who offers their Lifeline program through a sister company known as SafeLink Wireless. Through SafeLink Wireless, you can receive a free smartphone in addition to discounted phone bills through the Lifeline program.

This article will break the process of applying for a Free Government Smartphones New York down step by step so that you know how to take advantage of this amazing benefit and get your very own free smartphone!

Step-By-Step Process of Applying for a Free Smartphone

Step 1: Navigate to the Website

You will first need to visit the website that is associated with SafeLink Wireless’s special offer for Lifeline. This website will direct you to fill in the information and start the application process to obtain your free smartphone through SafeLink. For those who want to get started on this process now, you can access this page here to start with your application!

Step 2: Enter Your Information

The next step is to provide SafeLink Wireless with your information so that you can start the process. Here, you will find a screen that asks all of the information that cell service companies need to know to get you enrolled in their programs.  Some of the information required here includes your email address, name, and date of birth.

Step 3: Provide Your Home Address

This step is fairly simple but is important for eligibility concerns for both the Lifeline program and SafeLink. Enter your home address on this screen – including your Street Number, Street Name, City, State, and Zip Code. Then, click proceed to go to the next step.

Step 4: Click “I want a Free SafeLink Phone”

The next screen will provide you with two options. You can choose to keep your current phone and enroll in the program for reduced phone bills through Lifeline, or you can select the option to receive a free phone through SafeLink. To get the free smartphone, you should select “I want a Free SafeLink Phone.”

Step 5: Select Which Programs You/Your Household Are On

Now, you will be presented with a list of government programs. On this screen, you should select all of the programs that you or your family members within your household currently are members of. These options include Medicaid, SSI, BIA, and more. Be sure to select all of the options that apply to your situation, as this portion helps to determine your eligibility for Lifeline.

Step 6: Select Who is the Eligible Applicant

You can apply for Lifeline as a household, so you will need to specify who is eligible for the program at this step. Select either “I am the eligible applicant” or “My child or dependent,” depending on what the answer is for your specific financial situation.

Step 7: Review Your Application and E-Sign

The next screen will review your application and tell you more information about your qualification. There is important information on this screen that you must review before you sign electronically, so take your time to review the text on the screen. Once you have completed this portion, complete your e-signature to move on with the process.

Step 8: Click Provide Proof and Upload Proof

The next and final step will inform you that SafeLink needs to have your application verified by the National Verifier. You will need to provide eligibility information to the National Verifier government site in order to fully complete your application and provide proof of eligibility. You should also write down your SafeLink enrollment number at this step to finish the process.

Then… enjoy!

Once you have proven your eligibility and received your acceptance into the program, you can enjoy your brand new free smartphone through SafeLink, as well as unlimited texts and calls, 25GB of high-speed data, and 5GB of personal hotspot availability. You can enjoy your free smartphone with all of these perks and be satisfied knowing that going through the application process was more than worth it.


Obtaining your free smartphone through SafeLink Wireless and the Lifeline program is really that easy! In just eight steps, you can have a completely new smartphone at no cost and the additional benefit of reduced-price cell service.

Now that you have taken the time to learn how to apply to receive a free smartphone, why not submit an application? You can access the page to get started here or learn more about SafeLink Wireless and all of its many perks here. Learn more on how to get Free Government Cell Phones Kentucky.

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