Tips and Tricks for Feeding Larger Families on Food Stamps

December 14, 2022

When money is tight, one of the places where your budget is the tightest is your monthly food budget. You are likely feeding the same amount of people each month, making this bill constant. In addition, if you have growing children, the amount they eat could increase rapidly.

If you are on food stamps, this food budget is even tighter. You only receive the same amount of SNAP benefits per month which you need to use to feed your family.

In this article, we will go over some of the tips and tricks that you can use to help feed a larger family while you are on food stamps.

Tips and Tricks for Feeding Larger Families on Food Stamps

Cut Costs Elsewhere

Accessing Lifeline through Safelink Wireless can help reduce an essential bill to nearly zero for you and your family. This government assistance program has the goal of opening communication for those who are low-income. With the money that you will be saving from having a lower phone bill, you will have more financial freedom to put funds toward your family’s food budget.

Even though you will receive a benefit for your food, many families spend outside of their SNAP budget to feed larger families or for special occasions. These extra dollars saved on your phone bill will be helpful for your food budget.

Buy Food Staples in Bulk

Non-perishable items can be purchased for lower cost in bulk without having to worry about food waste within your household. These bulk items should consist of low-cost foods such as rice, dried beans, pasta, and canned foods. The money you save on these items can be redistributed to other areas in your food budget.

If you commonly eat these staples, consider sparing some extra cash on a Costco membership to take advantage of bulk deals. You will lose out on the upfront cost of the membership ($60 annually), but you will likely make this money back in the savings that you receive on bulk items. Just be careful to not buy items that will go unused, as this will result in food waste and wasted SNAP benefits.

Simplify Your Recipes

Certain foods that may be essential for meeting the nutritional needs of your family can be costly, such as fresh meat and fresh produce. You can simplify your recipes by making cheaper swaps. Canned veggies and frozen meat are great for reducing costs and continuing to meet these nutritional requirements. You can also swap meat dishes to become vegetarian alternatives which will reduce their cost greatly!


To wrap up, feeding a larger family obviously means that you need more resources in order to feed them. We hope that you have learned more about the different strategies you can employ in order to stretch your budget further to include each of your family members. Saving money is the key to feeding large families on food stamps, so finding a way to incorporate these helpful tips will be beneficial to your savings plans! Learn more on how to get Low Income Cell Phone Service New York.

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