Vacation Ideas for Low-Income Families

December 20, 2022

You might associate the word “vacation” with lavish trips to tropical destinations, private villas, and swimming with dolphins, but a vacation can be anything that you make of it! In fact, the vacations that you see on social media or television aren’t the only way to have a vacation. There are plenty of ways that you can have an affordable vacation as a low-income family.

In this article, we will review some amazing vacation ideas for low-income families. Despite not having a higher budget, you and your family still deserve to have fun in the sun and away from home.

Vacation Ideas for Low-Income Families


Going camping is a perfect and affordable way to have a vacation for a low-income family. There are very few things that you need in the way of supplies for a quality camping trip. The best thing about camping for low-income families is that camping can be seen as an investment.

If you purchase the supplies that you need for a camping trip with your family, you will then be able to continue to go camping with the same supplies – a tent, camping chairs, sleeping bags, etc. In this way, camping can have a high buy-in cost, but the return on your investment is much higher than spending money on a hotel.

Fishing Trip

Going fishing is a great way to get in the great outdoors while performing a fun, family-friendly activity. Fishing is a relatively affordable activity with most fishing poles costing less than $50. Low-income families can share fishing poles, allowing for everyone to get in on the fun and take turns.

These fishing trips can be paired with camping trips, or you can use a public-use cabin if you apply for a spot in time!


Just a drive away, you can find nice homes and cabins that are available for rent. Through Airbnb, you can rent these properties for cheaper than a hotel stay. You can also find Airbnbs that are themed, which adds to the excitement for children.

Hunting for deals on Airbnb can be more rewarding than paying for costly hotels. To make this vacation even cheaper, try to pick somewhere that is near activities that you can do for free. An Airbnb located near good hiking trails or parks is going to help stretch your dollar while on a family vacation!

Pro Tip: If you are hoping to find a nicer Airbnb but can’t afford to pay the current price on it, try to look at the prices of the rental in the offseason. Avoid summer, spring break, and other major holiday weekends for renting.


While you are vacationing, you will need to stay connected. For emergencies and other communications, having a cell phone in this day and age is essential. Low-income families can struggle to pay their phone bills, resulting in untimely cell phone shutoffs.

If you qualify for SNAP or are below the federal poverty line, you likely qualify for the federal communication benefit known as Lifeline. Through Safelink Wireless, you can receive a free smartphone and reduce your phone bill significantly. Click here for more information on Safelink and the Lifeline program! Learn more on how to get Free Government Cell Phones Oklahoma.

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